Cremorne House 02

The crux of the brief for the interiors on this project was for the home to feel ‘lived in, warm, inviting and “Non-designery”.

Architecturally re-imagined by Luigi Rosselli architects, this Queen Anne style home underwent a respectful renovation and extension to meet the needs of the clients’ vibrant and busy young family. The thresholds between old and new speak an energetic dialogue which nods to tradition whilst leaning towards the modern.

These clients embody the phrase ‘a life well-travelled’ and thus treasures and finds from extensive time spent living abroad jostle for position meshing seamlessly with custom lighting commissioned in New York, handmade tiles from morocco, vintage mid-century Danish furniture, a Chesterfield lounge and a jaw-dropping art collection of both Australian and international artists. Colours are vibrant, pattern and texture abundant and the furniture is a mix of all genres.  A true collaboration of clients, designers, architects and suppliers from all corners of the globe.  “Non-designery” indeed.