Millie Clarke – Interior Designer

Millie was raised in a creative family and had a passion for design from a young age. Following her family around the great cities of the world, she always had an eye for the architecture and details from diverse cultures. Her professional career began as a television editor, as she was interested in the construction of the moving image. Her fascination with the spaces beyond the lens lead her into art direction for short films. It was here that she reconnected with her love for the interior world and decided to pursue her dream of studying design.

Her inspiration comes from the best things in life; film, art, food and travel. Her art director’s perspective and love of making in the physical realm has honed an eye ever alive to how the minutest of details influence mood and space. The power of light and shadow shape her design aesthetic and she is drawn to clean lines.

For Millie, creating residential spaces is about defining personality and crafting a story. A successful interior becomes an extension of the inhabitants through emotional connections. A strong narrative can be told when the context and traditions of the local vernacular are respected. Millie loves working with natural materials with as little detriment to the natural environment as possible.