Bree Levick – Interior Design Assistant

Bree has been passionate about design and the creative industries for as long as she can remember. Her childhood was adorned with colouring-in competition triumphs and she later turned her passion for design to visual merchandising, PR and event management, and fashion boutique management. An urge to travel steered her into aviation and from her base in the UAE she went exploring far flung corners of the globe. She was inspired by visually stimulating scenery, colourful cultural dress, and exposure to the diversity and scale of global architecture and interior design as manifested in cityscapes, museums, high streets, hotels, and restaurants. After five years in the air Bree returned to earth and to Sydney to study Interior Design.

As Decus` Interior Design Assistant, Bree regularly calls on the skills she has acquired through her diverse professional experience. Bree’s approach to design is inspired by a fascination with finding balance where form meets function through utilizing complementary contrasts of classic and modern elements. The result is refined elegance highlighted by a seam of edgy glamour.