Alexandra – Interior Designer

Alexandra Donohoe’s ubiquitous sense of creativity is present in everything she touches. Her style shows a respect for contrasts, featuring a luscious mixture of milky, raw unfinished timbers, polished brass, patinated steel and mohair velvet. In design, Alexandra walks a tightrope between contemporary and traditional elements, celebrating eclecticism and whimsy while honoring austerity and classicism.

A Bachelor of Interior Architecture from the University of New South Wales and the invaluable experience of working with a number of Sydney design firms prepared Alexandra to establish her own studio: Decus – a name derived from the Latin word for ‘ornament.’ While she has worked extensively across the spectrum of interior design – including commercial office design, retail, and hospitality design – Alexandra discovered her passion in residential design and immediately felt at home. Literally.

Alexandra’s approach is informed by a belief that considered interiors can significantly and positively impact our day-to-day lives. Life in the modern world is largely lived in interior spaces – so spaces designed with mindfulness, creativity and intentionality can stimulate a range of emotional reflexes, from productivity and efficiency, to peacefulness and restfulness.

Ultimately, the role of the interior designer and the architect are symbiotic in enhancing our interaction with our domestic spaces. Indifferent to passing trends, Alexandra’s ever-evolving personal aesthetic has become an integral part of her professional philosophy. Rather than applying a cultivated ‘look’ to all of her projects, she takes cues and inspiration from the spaces themselves. Alexandra strives to create a design process that is fun and rewarding for both her clients and her team, celebrating lasting relationships with both.