We are Decus

Residential design studio | striking the balance between the exquisite and the provocative | purveyors of the unexpected | lovers of neon | advocates of fun | obsessed with interior spaces.

Decus was conceived from Director Alexandra Donohoe’s desire for a design platform from which to trial the unknown and untested in her work. She wanted to create a space where design could be celebrated in all of its manifestations. And so Decus was born.

At Decus, we firmly believe that each design process should be unique. We love design of all kinds; art, installation, fashion, graphic, and architectural. We draw inspiration from each other, as each of us brings different passions and perspectives, expertise and experience, to the creation of stunning interior designs. Our philosophy is that every project is a design collective, a creative partnership between the client and the Decus team. We strive to ensure that our clients feel included in the design process and ultimately enjoy it.

We are passionate about our goals:

– To design beautiful and unique interiors that fit exactly the client’s needs.

– To have fun doing it.

The Decus studio is a place that inspires creativity and nurtures the cultivation of unique and unusual ideas. Music plays from the minute we arrive until the last meeting is wrapped up. There is never an idea that is too out there. There is usually cake. And there is always design talk.

Decus residential designs have been featured in Belle Magazine, Habitus, The Sunday Telegraph, Indesign, Paddo to Palmy, The Coolhunter and EST Magazine.